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Aloe Vera: Why It's An Essential Hand Sanitizer Ingredient

Aloe Vera: Why It's An Essential Hand Sanitizer Ingredient

We’ve all been increasingly attentive to the cleanliness of our hands. We’re washing them more often and using a whole lot of sanitizer, leaving our skin feeling itchy and irritated. We all need to pay more attention to the ingredients in our hand sanitizer. There’s no doubt about it — you can count on dry hands if your sanitizer formula is missing THIS plant-based ingredient. It’s hydrating, nourishing, and helps heal skin damage caused by frequent handwashing and hand sanitizer use!

Why Moisturize?

Dry skin isn’t just uncomfortable — it can cause damage to the skin barrier that keeps harmful pathogens out of your body. Frequent use of harsh alcohol-based hand sanitizers can even worsen eczema, cause contact dermatitis, and leave you vulnerable to infection. Keeping your hands moisturized is an essential part of staying safe and healthy. 

The Secret Ingredient

So what’s the “secret” ingredient you should look for in your hand sanitizer liquid? It’s aloe vera! 

Aloe vera has a multitude of moisturizing and healing skin benefits. It feeds your skin with vitamins A and C, protects against free-radical damage, and is highly anti-inflammatory. Aloe keeps skin hydrated and supple and encourages new cell growth — and has been used to treat everything from burns to acne because of its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

It’s a no brainer — aloe hand sanitizer keeps your hands hydrated, happy and healthy! When you’re ready to make the switch, look for an alcohol-free formula — like Sanibelle Hand Sanitizer Singles. These mini hand sanitizers are infused with aloe vera and vitamin E to nourish your skin — PLUS they’re easy to carry, easy to use, and alcohol-free! They dispense just the right amount of hand sanitizer for a mess-free, moisturizing clean every time. These single-use Singles are the perfect pocket hand sanitizer to keep handy on-the-go.

Safe is Beautiful

The health and beauty of your skin go hand-in-hand. Don’t ever sacrifice quality for ease and efficacy! Choose a sanitizer that was mindfully crafted from superior ingredients with the health of your hands in mind. Visit to learn more and check out Sanibelle Hand Sanitizer Singles & Hand Sanitizing Wipes for a hydrating formula that keeps hands clean, safe, & beautiful! All orders include complimentary free shipping!